Prepositions of place, 1

In, on and at


in the phone box
in the kitchen
work in the garden
swim in the pool

in a street (GB)
in Shirley Road


sit on the floor
work on the pavement
a number on the door

on a street (US)
on Fifth Avenue

on a road or river
a village on this road
Paris is on the Seine
on a floor (1-st, 2-nd, etc.)
on the first floor


sit at my dwesk
wait at the bus stop
at the crossroad
wait at the traffic lights

at a house/an address
at Mike’s (house)
at 65 Shirley Road

at a place on a journey
does this train stop at York
at an event
at the party



There are 400 seats in the cinema.
It was raining, so we waited in the cafe.
We use in when we mean inside a building.


I was at the cinema. (= watching a film)
We were at the cafe. (= having coffee)
But we normally use at when we are talking about what there happens.



in prison/hospital
in the lesson
in a book/newspaper
in the photo/picture
in the country
in the middle
in the back/front of a car
in a queue/line/row


on the platform
on the farm
on the page/map
on the screen
on the Internet
on the island/beach/coast
drive on the right/left
on the back of the envelope


at the station/airport
at home/work/school
at the seaside
at the top/bottom of a hill
at the back of the room
at the end of the corridor

We spent the whole holiday on the beach.
I read the festival in a magazine.
My parents’ flat is on the twenty-first floor.
I’ll meet you at the airport.


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